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How a leading beauty product reached maximum social media engagement and more organic leads

The beauty industry is rising faster than it can keep up with retail shelf space. New brands are entering the market, e-commerce is gaining a larger share of the category, and micro-influencers are attracting thousands of consumers to their properties.

The beauty room is becoming a very challenging place to stand out at the right moment, build an audience, and get your product in front of the right customer. Our consumer brand was no different; SkinFord focused on proposing to breathe new life to every cell which gives long term youthfulness with a visible instant radiance that we all crave with their beauty products and inspiring its voracious audience. Their products are made after a lot of research on ingredients latest in epidermal growth factor combined with a plethora of Potent Botanicals and Peptides. Our client was not present in big box stores, and almost entirely relied on their own website that also needed an improvement. This meant that the acquisition of audiences remained paramount. Shopping advertisements and other advertising media, though, have only been able to get them so far. They needed brand buzz, they needed the attention of key influencers, and they needed quality to be connected to their brand, so they could spark testing.

Overall, our aim was to improve their website to give a boost to lead generation, improve organic search entries, but ultimately gain high volume visibility through influencer marketing, appropriate placements on heavily trafficked publications, and tell the story of their brand, to enhance recognition and recall.


We looked to ensure that content on their owned assets can provide the most to the target audience to fuel our Digital Marketing initiative. We improvised their website by adding relevant features and helped them to get a better SEO score. Our next move was to define the placements frequented by their target audience, with a complete portfolio of owned assets and related material, and eventually increase awareness. In addition, we created a list of relevant micro-influencers with who we would work to help tell their loyal subscribers' audience the brand story.

With such competition present, we knew that initially, placements would not be easy to come by, so through thoughtful and thorough material, we worked to win faith, trust, and relevance. From there, success led to more success, attracting a larger and larger audience with our placements.

The influencer campaign continued to bring the brand and goods in front of the right audience and the audience's feedback conveyed that the quality of the products spoke for themselves, the true reality.


We were active in growing the organic traffic revenue of our client by 23 percent compared to the previous year, not counting the direct referrals that achieved success from influencer assets. This rise, compared with the previous year, was well over 15 percent. The net improvement in sessions, resulting from organic search, amounted to over 11 percent more unique sessions.

Revenue not only improved, but transactions also improved and the rate of conversion from organic sources improved. Organic search conversion rates continue to remain well above the best practices in the market.

Our campaign has been successful in earning them 10 percent more queries in the top 20 positions compared to the previous year, as it relates to our overall objective of generating more organic leads and making the product reach a larger target audience.