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How Eventum Marketing Services helped KDC Real estate to improve search engine rankings and increased organic website traffic.

For any real estate developer, the only priority is selling their land. Brands are willing to try everything from offline to online advertising to create leads and reach out to potential customers. In our experience, the digital medium functions extremely well for most real estate developers. For some entrepreneurs, we have seen that over 1/3rd of their revenues come from the digital medium.

Our work with KDC Real Estate company included promoting the business online using a strategic mix of SEO, Blogs, and Content Marketing.


For lead generation and enhanced online exposure, KDC Real Estate company decided to leverage online marketing and joined hands with Eventum Marketing Services. The branding aim was to be seen as the real estate experts in South Delhi offering all real estate-related solutions under one roof. They were struggling with less traffic on their website, less brand awareness, and lower lead generation.


Our first mission was to consider KDC Real Estate's target market and portfolio of assets. The real estate market in South Delhi is cluttered and it was necessary to begin by understanding KDC Real Estate's value proposition in order to pick keywords to drive relevant traffic to the website.

With that being sorted, the entire website was revamped for the search engine and configured. New features have been added to allow the online search of property listings on the website of the customer, sharing area/location analysis to assist in decision-making to buy or rent a property, newsletter archive, blogs, and email sign-up were some of the key additions we made, among others. In reality, several characteristics were not on the wishlist of the client but were illustrated as we focused on content strategy.


  • Transformed the brand website into an important tool for marketing & lead generation, with the right combination of knowledge and marketing material to educate potential customers.
  • Search engine rankings have significantly improved and organic website traffic has increased.
  • Setup for blogs to promote the properties of the company.