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How Eventum Marketing Services helped Berco’s to leverage social media.

The preferences of customers are evolving. The restaurant marketing game has already been changed by healthier options, local sourcing, mobile ordering, and a Millennial-driven appetite for share-worthy experiences.

Yet one thing remains constant, even in this ever-evolving landscape: the yearning for authenticity. Restaurant marketing that establishes and fosters real, genuine ties with patrons, regardless of what you serve, will always breakthrough.

We were genuinely enthusiastic about the restaurant field at Eventum Marketing Services. We understand the moving world and the constantly shifting needs of your company. But what we're most passionate about is connecting you on a more authentic, true, sustainable level with your guests that will keep them coming back.


Berco's is considered to be one of the popular brands for holidays and occasions to go to the restaurant. They are struggling to draw millennials to their restaurants in their area, though. The challenge was to create a plan that not only focuses on increasing interaction and scope but also to reposition Berco's as a young brand that could be a millennial destination. To carry out a full market study and to plan a social media campaign for the popular restaurant, Eventum Marketing Services was hired by Berco's.


We took the first approach to strategize brands that are true to themselves and their clients. To communicate with both new and current customers and to receive more positive feedback from both and building a strong social presence is important. We are convinced that deals and promotions can be key to getting customers back to a restaurant.

We ensured that our tone of voice reflected the brand’s motive. We ran engaging contests through social media with the company struggling to draw footfall from millennials to ensure that the younger generation was not only able to engage online but also to bring their mates along for a delicious meal at Berco's.

Positioning them as a brand where people celebrate to the maximum helped catch the interest not just of their regular customers, but also of the younger generation who only visited Berco's on occasions.


Our ultimate target was to meet the maximum number of key consumers via social media and push footfall to restaurants to raise revenues eventually. Month after month, we have continued to improve our commitment and still take our lessons into account when developing content. Overall, we have seen a rise in follow-up, interaction, and social references around the numerous regions we represent, reflecting the effectiveness of our approach.