The outbreak of Coronavirus continues to disrupt global supply chains and financial markets. Now the World Health Organization has declared it a pandemic, Investec experts answer your questions on what it could mean for you and your business. Amid countries applying extreme measures to contain the Coronavirus outbreak, businesses have come to a grinding halt across the world, forcing monetary agencies to slash their growth forecast for the global economy.

Our world is facing a very serious challenge with the spread of the Coronavirus, but there is hope on the horizon. Businesses have been greatly impacted as the economy has taken a hit because of COVID-19. Grocery stores have been left with empty shelves while restaurants are like ghost towns.

What’s working is that we have woken up to a new cause of work from home. While the digital trends carry on and more and more industries are now moving online. Let’s take a glimpse of how various industries are moving digital. 

“It’s a unique opportunity for brands to unite together! Our communities need each other now more than ever. People need support, understanding, education, resources. Social media can provide just that and can be extremely powerful if it’s done correctly.”


Impact on Hospitality:-

The hospitality industry is notoriously precarious in the best of times. With the Coronavirus pandemic now spreading widely across the United States and the world, the situation for restaurants, bars, and other businesses in the hospitality and tourism fields may soon become dire. The impact has already been felt in the cities and regions where COVID-19 has struck first, and as the situation continues to rapidly evolve, there’s a strong potential that many of these businesses will suffer a devastating blow.

Best time to go digital:-

As the customer experience moves online and brand loyalty becomes a test of how customers would come back for business or leisure works. Customer satisfaction via reach out modes like email marketing and social media becomes a trend and reinforcing brand stories makes sure the brand is reinforced and is there for good.

 2. Real estate:

Impact on real estate:-

The Coronavirus pandemic continues to impact the real estate industry. Everything, from brokerage operations to how listings are being marketed and the ability to close transactions, is requiring REALTORS® to adapt to these extraordinary circumstances ongoing Covid19 outbreak and its impact on the economy have pushed sentiment in real estate to its all-time lowest level in the quarter ended March. Both residential and commercial real estate sectors are expected to be hit in terms of launches, sales, and prices.

Best time to go digital:-

 The dominance would be referral-based marketing and constant touch via email campaigns and having the brand digital strategy of being on top of the mind recall should be there. The digital strategy should be planned so that by the end of the year or 2021 there is a bounce back.

Mastering the Art of Real Estate Referrals

3. Fashion and lifestyle : 

Impact on  Fashion and lifestyle : 

Trends would Change and Indians made in India brands would bounce back. The shift would be for promoting our art and culture via fashion models and real-time stories curate for social media vitality would make waves. PR would see a downside as print media is dying in 2020. Short videos and exciting content via digital would rule. These trends are here to stay and go Digital all the way in 2020.

Best time to go digital:-

Fashion and lifestyle brands are offering steep discounts and pushing sales online amid an inventory pile up due to the closure of stores nationwide following the COVID-19 virus outbreak. The spread of the pandemic has hurt fashion and lifestyle retailers after states introduced lockdowns and containment policies including the closure of malls. Brands said sales have fallen by as much as 70% since fears over the virus intensified starting earlier this month.

What these COVID-19 marketing ideas show us are business owners that refuse to bury their heads despite the trying times. Hopefully you, too, can glean some insight from these smart marketing tips during the Coronavirus and use them for your business. Just be sure to adjust your strategies and marketing. Meet your customers where they are now (and that’s mostly at home and online). Find a way to pivot and give your business the best chance to stay afloat by making your website easily found online through a strategic SEO strategy. Yes, these are challenging times for everyone. But your business can still flourish if you’re willing to try a new approach and not pull back on your marketing during a critical time for your company to show compassion and empathy. Now is the time to connect with your customers like never before and not separate from them.

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